Fusions Aquamarble


Fusions Aquamarble is a waterborne, paste like material, specially formulated for application with stainless steel scraper, and polishing with a putty knife to give an artistic marble-like or Venetian stucco finish. The product is ultra-smooth and very easy to apply, allowing the applicator to obtain the desired effect fairly quickly.
  • Features

    Easy to apply. Ultra smooth. Does not need wax to shine.
  • Recommended use

    To be used as a marbling paste on previously painted surface in areas like panels, walls, columns, beams, and furniture to create various special effects interior.
  • Markets and application


New REACH restriction on diisocyanates

A new EU Regulation 2020/1149 will come into force the 24 August 2023. Read more about the new REACH regulation on diiscocyanates here.