Corrosion under insulation and high heat

Lowering maintenance requirements in the toughest conditions

Beat the heat

Corrosion costs the oil & gas industry billions of dollars each year in replacement parts, maintenance, corrosion management and downtime. While the vast majority of this corrosion occurs at lower temperatures, in pipes, process equipment, valves, ductwork and areas where heat and moisture can wreak havoc on the protective coating and steel itself.

And it’s not just the heat. Even in normal operation, the temperature in these areas can fluctuate, causing stresses within the coating. If your coating system isn’t up to the task this can result in micro-cracks, which soon lead to greater issues. That’s why you need specialist coating systems to keep your steelwork and pressure systems in prime condition, ensure plant safety and reduce maintenance requirements.

CUI: What lies beneath

In any high heat application, corrosion under insulation (CUI) poses the greatest threat. CUI occurs when moisture becomes trapped between insulating materials and the equipment beneath. With nowhere to go, the moisture settles on any unprotected metal and begins to corrode the surface. Out of sight, the corrosion can only be confidently detected by removing the insulation – a costly and time-consuming process.

But there is a solution. Working with customers across the oil & gas and petrochemical segments, Hempel has developed a range of advanced coatings designed specifically to combat the threat of CUI. Designed to perform for longer in all temperatures and conditions, our CUI coatings enable asset owners to extend the inspection cycle. If applied across a plant, they can significantly reduce maintenance costs and downtime. 

Tailored performance. High productivity.

Ensuring the right coating systems across your facility is critical. Temperatures vary in different parts of the plant, while adjoining processes and temperature fluctuations must also be accounted for. This makes selecting coating systems for high heat applications a challenging, specialist task. As experts in high heat and CUI solutions, we can help you match the right coating system to your precise operational and project requirements.

We also understand that application needs to be fast, and we supply a full range of quick to apply, durable and cost-effective CUI and high heat coatings that both reduce application costs and deliver excellent long-term performance. 

Whatever your need, we’ve got you covered.

Reduce inspection and maintenance with proven performance

Proven coatings, developed and tested in collaboration with leading oil & gas players, ensure long-term performance to reduce your inspection and maintenance cycles.

Increase productivity with easy to apply coatings

Fast-curing, easy-to-apply coatings streamline your application processes. At the same time, good application properties ensure a first-time high-quality finish and long-term reliability.



Ensure safety and performance with Hempel’s specification expertise

Tailored system specifications, compliant with current standards and testing, ensure you get the ideal coating system for every area of your facility – to increase long-term performance, reduce downtime and ensure plant safety.

Reduce your stock with multipurpose products

With a full range of products, including versatile coatings designed for a wide range of high heat applications, we help reduce your stock count and logistics costs.

Meet every standard

Developed at our CUI Centre of Excellence in Copenhagen, Denmark, our CUI coating systems have been tested according to the relevant parts of current standards, such as ISO 19277 : 2018, ISO 12944 and NORSOK M‑501. Our range of CUI and high heat coatings meet with all relevant categories under NACE SP-0198 : 2017.

Our coatings are formulated with high-quality raw materials for longer durability and all our manufacturing is accredited with our ISO 9001 quality assurance.

Comprehensively tested

Testing ensures consistent quality in accordance with the main international CUI and high heat test standards. Tests include:

  • Simulated CUI testing (ISO 19277 : 2018, ASTM G-189)
  • Temperature resistance (ASTM D-2485)
  • Thermal cycling, including cryogenic exposure 
  • Application characteristics on hot surfaces

Corrosion under insulation

Whatever temperature range your CUI occurs at our coating systems we have got the right coating system for you.

High heat coatings

With a full range of coatings for high heat applications, we’ve got you covered, however hot it gets.