FROSIO Certification Course Denmark

Location: Denmark HQ

Commencing Date: To be decided

Registration Deadline: To be decided

This is a two-week course focusing entirely on the curriculum as defined in the FROSIO Scheme for Surface Treatment. The FROSIO Level III Certificate is valid for 5 years.The objective is to meet the requirements in FROSIO’s curriculum and at the same time enable the participant to perform as an independent, technically confident professional in all aspects of coating inspections.

Hempel Academy offers a range of training courses designed to enhance the technical competencies of the participants. Since 1996 Hempel has trained more than 1000 Coating Advisers and Inspectors for the recognized FROSIO Certificate.

Course content

  • Construction materials and design
  • Corrosion theory & types
  • Substrates for painting
  • Surface treatment standards
  • Special coatings: powder, wrapping, etc.
  • Hot dip galvanizing & thermal spraying
  • Coatings for passive fire protection
  • Inspection work & duties
  • Advanced field measurements & practical inspection
  • Evaluation of paint & painting defect