Coating Inspection for the professional Coating Inspector

Location: Denmark, HQ

Commencing Date: To be decided

Registration Deadline: To be decided

The course will give the participant a theoretical understanding and enable him to carry out typical inspections in relation to corrosion protection. The course aims towards prospective superintendents and other technical representatives from heavy industry, on-shore, offshore and marine who perform or plan to take up supervision or inspection duties. It is assumed that participants possess some basic knowledge of paint & painting technology.

Hempel Academy offers a range of training courses designed to enhance the technical competencies of the participants. Since 1996 Hempel has trained more than 1000 Coating Advisers and Inspectors for the recognized FROSIO Certificate.

Course content

  • Corrosion theory & corrosion protection
  • How do coatings actually protect?
  • Fouling and fouling protection
  • Generic paint types
  • How do I interpret the paint supplier’s data sheet?
  • Specifications – exposure & lifetime of a coating
  • Surface preparation – methods & standards
  • Application methods
  • Paint and painting defects – diagnosis and cure
  • Inspection procedures & quality control
  • Practical inspections