Hempel's Degreaser 99611


Hempel's Degreaser is a cleaning agent for the removal of surface contaminants including oil, grease, wax and silicones. Ideal for preparation of oily woods prior to coating.
  • Features

    Hempel's Degreaser 99611 contains surface-active substances that effectively removes oil, grease, wax and similar contaminants that are otherwise difficult to get rid of.
  • Recommended use

    Hempel's Degreaser 99611 is recommended for the removal of wax coats, silicone residues from moulds and polish used for polishing of glass fibre. For use before abrading glass fibre. Suitable as tool cleaner after use of two-component epoxy products.
  • Markets and application

    Yacht Pro/Yacht Pro
    Yacht DIY/Yacht DIY

New REACH restriction on diisocyanates

A new EU Regulation 2020/1149 will come into force the 24 August 2023. Read more about the new REACH regulation on diiscocyanates here.