Introducing the first epoxy coating compliant with NORSOK M-501 Edition 7

Navigating the challenges of protecting offshore foundations in the wind industry.

The offshore wind industry continues as the renewable to watch and, since 2021, governments globally have announced 135 offshore wind targets (source). Alongside this growth, complexity, sustainability requirements, and regulatory demands are also increasing. This calls for cost-effective, long lasting asset protection - a Power of Less solution.

Power of Less

Introducing Hempaprime Strength 530

Hempel presents Hempaprime Strength 530, our new epoxy coating system designed to address the challenges of offshore wind stakeholders. It is the first product certified to the NORSOK M-501 Edition 7 standard.

Hempaprime Strength 530 sets the benchmark in innovative and sustainable coating solutions, while reducing drying time, costs and maintenance.

Unrivalled benefits

Discover the advantages of our new Power of Less epoxy coating system, Hempaprime Strength 530, for wind turbine foundations.

Superior standards compliance

Hempel's new Epoxy coating system, Hempaprime Strength 530, is the first solution that complies with the NORSOK M-501 Edition 7 standard.

This unique distinction provides a superior level of protection for wind turbine foundations, ensuring reduced maintenance requirements and longer-lasting assets.

It is also compliant with ISO 12944-9 and GB.

A sustainable and cost-efficient solution

Hempaprime Strength 530 stands out as a more sustainable solution as it has low VOC emissions of 134g/l. It is composed of 90% solid volume, making it a highly efficient choice.

This product offers great sag resistance and a wide temperature application window, ensuring increased productivity efficiency with less environmental impact.

Versatile and global availability

Our new Epoxy coating system is versatile and easy to adapt. It’s available in different shades and glass flake quantities to meet your specific needs.

You’ll also find it at any of our more than 150 stock points across the globe, ensuring easy availability and less to worry about no matter the project.

A long and proven track record

At Hempel, we’ve been a supplier to the wind industry since 1980. Our coatings are used by many of the world’s best-known onshore and offshore wind farms.

Over the years, we’ve accumulated vast experience and knowledge of the industry, and our proven track record reinforces our position as the trusted partner of wind turbine manufacturers around the world.