Elco chooses Avantguard® advanced protective coatings

Elco, a leading engineering and fabrication company, has chosen Hempel’s Avantguard technology to ensure their customer benefits from Avantguard’s long-lasting corrosion protection and improved application properties.

BP have signed a contract with the government of Oman to develop a major new gas processing facility to serve the Khazzan & Makarem gas fields. BP have awarded the contract to Petrofac who have subcontracted to Elco.

Elco identified Hempel as the right coatings supplier for the onshore Khazzan and Makarem processing facility, to give the best corrosion protection available.

The system that Elco are using includes Hempadur Avantguard 750, a primer that is ideal for use in severely corrosive environments.

The Khazzan project is of strategic importance to us. We are fully aware of the benefits offered by Activated Zinc Technology, hence our choice of Avantguard over conventional Zinc epoxy.
Anil Kumar, Project Manager for Elco

The challenge

BP is using its position as one of the world’s pioneers in tight gas production to develop the Khazzan & Makkarem fields, which are estimated to contain at least 30–40 trillion cubic feet (tcf) gas. The Khazzan & Makkarem fields are one of the Middle East’s largest unconventional gas resources.

The challenge is to ensure the structural steel pipe racks within the facility are protected. Elco wanted a coating system that would offer its customers the best long-term anti-corrosive performance available.

The solution

Elco chose a coating system that combined Hempadur Avantguard 750, Hempadur MIO 47950 and Hempathane HS 55610. Hempadur primers use Avantguard, a new technology that provides better corrosion protection. Only around one-third of the zinc in a traditional zinc epoxy has an anti-corrosive effect.

Avantguard technology activates ALL of the zinc in the coating, which significantly improves the coating’s anti-corrosive performance and mechanical strength. Unlike a number of zinc-rich coating technologies, Avantguard technology improves performance without increasing zinc content. For BP’s customer, this means reduced corrosion, improved performance in extreme temperatures and superior mechanical strength.

At a glance

Customer Elco International Engineering Co. L.L.C.
About Elco is a leading engineering and fabrication company offering manufacturing solutions to the oil, gas and construction industries.
Coating system

Hempadur Avantguard 750
Hempadur MIO 47950
Hempathane HS 55610

Application Air spray gun