Spar Shipping applies Hempaguard X7 to six more vessels

The bulk tonnage provider Spar Shipping has been using Hempaguard X7 since 2013. In that time, the hull coating has proven to consistently reduce fuel consumption and associated emissions, even when vessels are trading slowly, operating in fouling-aggressive waters or have been standing idle for long periods.

Therefore, when six of Spar Shipping’s supramax and ultramax vessels came in for regular dry dock maintenance in 2020-2021, the company decided to upgrade all six vessels to Hempaguard X7. The first of these – the supramax bulker SPAR MIRA – left the dry dock in September 2020.

Integrating silicone-hydrogel and full diffusion control of biocides, our Hempaguard X7 hull coating delivers minimum average fuel and emissions saving of 6 per cent over the entire docking interval compared to traditional antifoulings. Based on the performance of other vessels in its fleet, Spar Shipping fully expects Hempaguard X7 to deliver significant fuel and emission reductions on each of the newly coated vessels.

Spar Shipping benefits from long-term fuel savings with Hempaguard X7

Spar Shipping is a Norwegian-based long-term bulk tonnage provider with a fleet of 24 supramax and ultramax vessels, ranging from 53,000 to 64,000 dead weight tonnes.
The company transports dry bulk goods worldwide all year around, providing its customers with predictable and reliable transportation. As a company with a long-term focus, Spar Shipping is keen to explore new technologies that enable it to improve its services to customers, reduce waste, increase efficiency and improve environmental performance.

The challenge

In order to lower costs and emissions, Spar Shipping was looking for a hull coating that would reduce vessel fuel consumption, even if the vessel changed trading patterns or experienced long idle periods.

The solution

Spar Shipping applied Hempaguard X7 to one of its vessels in a trial application in 2013. After a long service period in warm waters, the hull coating was still performing strongly, despite a number of relatively long idle periods. Therefore, Spar Shipping decided to switch five more vessels to Hempaguard X7 in 2015. Following good results with these vessels, Spar Shipping upgraded six more vessels to Hempaguard X7 in 2020 and 2021.

As well as supplying the coatings, we are providing a full service package to Spar Shipping. As part of the package, a team of FROSIO/NACE-certified coating advisors oversee coating application on each vessel to make sure the coatings are applied correctly and will deliver the fuel savings specified. In addition, the coating advisors work with the shipyard and applicators to ensure the coatings are applied efficiently, reducing time, waste and costs during application.

At a glance

Company:  Spar Shipping (
 Vessels:  SPAR MIRA
 Date of application:  2020 
 Location:  Zhoushan Longshan Shipyard, China
 Hull coating:  Hempaguard X7