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Finishes for steel protection

Our range of topcoats give you long-lasting colour and gloss retention, even in harsh environments.

With more than 40 years of experience in the protective coatings industry, and more than 100 years of experience marine coatings, we have developed a wide selection of topcoats and finishing coats for almost any steel structure and operating conditions.

Our polyurethaneenamel and polysiloxane topcoats and finishes deliver excellent outdoor performance, lasting colour and gloss. They can be specified for a range of steel structures, from bridges and skyscrapers to power stations and wind turbines, and are available in a broad range of colours and gloss finishes.

Used in multi-coat systems, our topcoats and finishes improve the anti-corrosive performance of the coating system underneath. They can be combined with a range of anti-corrosive primers and/or intermediates, including Avantguard® activated zinc epoxies and other high-performance anti-corrosive coatings, as well as intumescent passive fire protection systems.

Our assortment also includes direct-to-metal topcoats for more moderate environments that can help you increase throughput speeds and reduce production bottlenecks.

Our range of finishes and topcoats includes:

- Hempathane: designed to keep your assets looking attractive for years, even in highly corrosive environments

- Hempaxane: based on siloxane chemistry for high-performance and a lasting gloss

- Hemucryl: waterborne enamels for an excellent finish when environmental performance is a must

- Hempalin: quick-drying and easy-to-apply topcoats for faster throughput on production lines

Why choose Hempel as your coatings supplier?
A world-leading provider of coating solutions, our products protect homes, places of work, and essential infrastructure and equipment from the corrosive forces of nature – to help make our world more robust and more beautiful. Please click here to learn more about Hempel, our values and our products and services.

A commitment to social responsibility
Our owner, the Hempel Foundation, support research at the Technical University of Denmark into sustainable technologies. The Foundation also actively works with more than 20 educational projects around the globe. In all, this work is helping more than 40,000 children in need get a better education.

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