Technical training that works for you

Want to enhance your technical knowledge and skills so you can carry out your own coating inspections? Our team of trainers and service experts are ready to deliver experience-based training that takes you through all aspects of coating technology and inspections.

Our Hempel Academy offers a range of courses to help you and your colleagues improve your inspection and application know-how. Choose from:

  • 5-day coating inspection course
  • 10-day FROSIO certification course
  • Tailored training customised to your exact needs

Course overview

Coating inspection course

Get an in-depth introduction to coating inspection with this five-day course. After completing the course, you’ll be well on your way to carrying out independent inspections of steel structures in relation to corrosion protection.

FROSIO certification course

For more intensive training, this 10-day course prepares you for the official FROSIO certificate exam. The exam takes place on the last day of the course and enables you to perform as an independent professional in all aspects of coating inspections.

Tailored technical training

If you want training tailored to your exact needs, we can create customised courses on a range of subjects. This could include coating systems, surface treatment, paint application and more – all delivered at your location at a pace that suits you.