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In Hempel, we constantly challenge ourselves to keep learning and stay ahead of the needs, technology, certifications and requirements relevant to the industries we serve. Because of the partnership  and trust we establish with our customers , we share our expertise so you can select the right coating protection for your next project. Dive into our On-Demand webinars and learn more with Hempel.

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Oil and Gas

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Storage Tank Linings: Extending Inspection Intervals Utilizing API 652/653 Standards
This Webinar will introduce the API Standards 652 & 653 that offer valuable practical insights for protecting one of the most critical elements of Petrochemical facilities – Storage Tanks.
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Internal Protection of Storage Tanks in the Oil and Gas and Chemical Industries

During this webinar, we will share a variety of factors to consider when selecting the most suitable lining system for use in storage tanks in the Oil and Gas and Chemical Industries.

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Corrosion Under Insulation: Streamlining coating selection for bulk valves

Historically coating selection for bulk valves has taken one of two routes. The paradox which must be solved is how to ensure effective corrosion protection without making the coating selection and execution process unduly complicated.

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Coating & painting for offshore: An introduction to new oil & gas industry specification S-715
Earlier this year oil & gas joint industry project 33 (JIP 33) published its specification for "Coating & painting for offshore, marine, coastal and subsea environments", this important document paves the way for greater standardization of coating specifications amongst oil & gas operators.
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Revolutionize Tank Protection with Hempel's OAP technology for tank linings
OAP solution transform your tank maintenance process. Featuring a fluorescent pigment that allows to spot defects and under-application in real-time, while coatings are still wet, it ensures a high-quality application, reducing maintenance costs, and extending asset lifetime. Join this webinar to optimise your tank operations.


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The Expert's Playbook for a successful Dry Dock
A one-hour presentation where Jakov Radenovic will share his lessons from over 30 years of experience and 100+ successful Dry Docks with highly skilled teams in Europe, Asia, Middle-East and the Americas. The do's and dont's to make your next project run seamlessly.
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ISO 19030: Tracking Performance
Join Hempel for an exclusive webinar on ISO 19030. A one hour presentation where Marcus Tullberg will cover why was ISO 19030 developed, how does it work, technical requirements, output of the standard - how to interpret the results, pros and cons of the standard and who can benefit from using it
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The decarbonisation of the shipping industry

During this presentation, Davide Ippolito and Rameez Ud Din will help you find out how Hempaguard MaX - Hempel's innovative three-coat system - can help you set and hit reduction targets as you work towards full decarbonisation.


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Passive fire protection: fundamentals of PFP, fire design and intumescent coatings
Structural steel loses strength at elevated temperatures. Using passive fire protection limits temperature rise in steel in order to prevent structures losing stability in the event of a fire,​ providing additional time for emergency response and safe evacuation of the building ​as well as minimizing damage to assets.

Quality and Certifications

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Understanding ISO 19277 : 2018 - Testing protective coatings for CUI conditions

This short webinar, introduced by Simon Daly,  will focus on the key sections of the document, how it may be interpreted, as well as its strengths and limitations.

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ISO 12944: A guide to the international standard for corrosion protection of steel by paint 

All steel structures that are exposed to the atmosphere, under water or submerged in soil, suffer from corrosion. The ISO 12944 standard helps ensure proper corrosion protection and includes updates on the recommended composition of paint systems, including the number of recommended coats, dry film thicknesses and more.

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Hempasense Track: Digital monitoring of your assets
There are a number of typical challenges during paint application; sudden changes in climatic conditions, accurate timing of re-coat intervals and managing documentation for auditors. Hempasense Track is the new digital solution in Hempel's Technical Service portfolio which will help you manage all of this remotely.