Managing corrosive conditions across facilities

Corrosive atmospheric conditions can cause costly damage to steelwork and equipment. Whether you work with refineries, petrochemical plants, LNG facilities or storage terminals, your goal is to prevent shutdowns and reduce maintenance costs – now and well into the future. At the same time, you need to comply with regulatory requirements and ensure consistent corrosion protection and safety across your global operations.

Corrosion prevention and protection keep you on top

Many downstream facilities have their own corrosive microclimates. That’s why we provide corrosion prevention solutions designed specifically for downstream structures, piping, process vessels and storage tanks. Whether you need solutions for construction or maintenance, our technical experts can help you identify which prevention products will maintain the integrity of your equipment at your unique facilities – wherever they are in the world.

Setting new standards for international performance and quality
  • ISO 9001
    Ensures we supply consistent quality globally
  • ISO 12944
    Ensures our products meet standards for harsh onshore locations from C2 to C5

Ensures we supply consistent quality globally

Ensures our products meet standards for harsh onshore locations from C2 to C5

Why Hempel is the preferred partner

"Their commitment to quality, delivery and technical service is deeply appreciated. Another key factor when delivering high volume project is accountability..."

Rushabh Katkoria, Managing Director
HEERU Corrosion Protection Services (I) Pvt. Ltd 

Find out how Heeru has been partnering with Hempel to deliver several onshore and offshore coating projects in South & East Asia region.

Discover our Downstream products


Hempaline Defend

Our Hempaline Defend linings are specifically designed for the aggressive environments found in the power generation and oil and gas industries           

Versiline CUI

Versiline CUI 56990 will reduce your overall lifecycle costs and ensure you benefit from longer uptime



Our Triple Activation with patented Avantguard technology efficiently utilises the zinc content for unrivalled corrosion protection. Save on application and maintenance costs, while your assets last longer.

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Redefining anti-corrosion protection

Get an introduction to the Avantguard® product range and a deeper understanding of how our unique patented technology works.

Storage Tank Linings

This Webinar will introduce the API Standards 652 & 653 that offer valuable practical insights for protecting one of the most critical elements of Petrochemical facilities – Storage Tanks.


Protecting steel structures in the oil and gas industry from corrosion

Learn how to maximise the cost effectiveness of time spent on painting activities and minimise delays due to painting rework and in-­service failures.

Improve your productivity fast

Learn how faster drying coating systems can be utilised to improve the productivity of the painting process