When you need superior protection you can trust

If you operate assets in harsh environments, you need heavy-duty corrosion protection that will last, whatever nature or industry throws at it. You need Avantguard.

Combining the high performance of the toughest zinc-rich epoxy primers with easy application, Avantguard coatings give you greater productivity and superior anti-corrosive performance in harsh environments. The result? Your production and construction moves faster, and your steel lasts longer than ever before.

Setting new standards for corrosion protection in tough C4 and C5 conditions, Avantguard zinc epoxy primers can be used in all types of applications, from offshore oil & gas installations to heavy-duty manufacturing, steel buildings and infrastructure. And, with unbeatable ease of application, they are ideal for both large-scale production projects and maintenance.

Proven to perform where others can’t

Based on activated zinc technology, our award-winning Hempadur Avantguard zinc epoxy primers are proven to deliver superior corrosion protection compared to other zinc-rich epoxies – making them ideal for particularly harsh environments. Avantguard coatings also dry 33 per cent faster and remain easy to apply, even in high humidity and at different temperatures.

With Avantguard zinc epoxy primers, you get:

  • Longer asset lifetimes: for higher return on investment
  • Longer maintenance intervals: for more time in service
  • Less scheduled maintenance: for lower operating costs
  • Faster drying times: for greater productivity
  • Easier application: for greater efficiency

How does Avantguard work?

Only one-third of the zinc in a standard zinc epoxy coating has any anti-corrosive effect. Avantguard is different. Avantguard uses a unique combination of zinc dust, hollow glass spheres and a proprietary activator to activate more zinc in the coating. This gives you novel 3-in-1 advanced corrosion protection.

High formation of zinc salts in the scribe area improves galvanic protection
Zinc salts throughout the film increase barrier properties to lower water permeability
Capturing chloride ions creates a powerful inhibition effect to combat rust creep

Which Avantguard product do you need?

Norsok M-501 anti-corrosive protection in a coating that retains its properties even at high dry film thicknesses

A fast-curing and easy-to-apply coating that delivers anti-corrosive performance in compliance with ISO C5-I High

An easy-to-apply activated zinc epoxy primer engineered to overcome the challenges of zinc silicates with short curing times to boost productivity

Don’t just take our word for it

The advanced corrosion protection and higher mechanical strength of Hempadur Avantguard coatings have been proven in extensive tests.

Check out the Avantguard brochure for more details and test results.

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