Hempel Fusions

Add character to your home by expressing yourself

Add character to your home by expressing yourself

Fusions is our range of decorative paints that produce a number of creative effects, specifically formulated to give your home’s interior a personalised and entirely unique finish.

When you’re looking to create a statement in your home, our Fusions range combines textural effects with rich colours to offer a sensorial experience.


Fusions Makhmaleyat

Fusions Makhmaleyat gives rooms an elegant and sophisticated touch, with an almost velvet-like finish. The final effect shows a mix of dark and light tones, mimicking the movement of fabric – and breaking the limits of what paint can do. It’s the perfect way to add glamour to your walls and suits both classic and modern interiors.

Fusions Arabesque

Fusions Arabesque produces movements of light and shade, creating refined effects and natural shapes. It is ecological, washable and can be found in a wide selection of colours Enrich your home and embrace your uniqueness by giving your walls another dimension – with Fusions Arabesque.

Fusions Sadow

Fusions Sadow is the latest addition to the Fusions line. Inspired by the sturdy, vibrant fabrics used to make Arabian tents, Fusions Sadow offers colours and textures that will bring your love of the desert to life. Colours and textures designed to withstand the test of time, under any environment.

Fusions Metal

Fusions Metal is a waterborne and highly durable metallic coating based on 100% pure acrylic resin. It provides a luxurious and decorative glow to surfaces – with special effects designed to capture your attention.

Fusions Pearl

Fusions Pearl takes modern, clean colours to greater depths, Giving the walls of your home a relaxed but luxurious feel.

Solutions that make a difference

Designed to let your personality shine through, Fusions is the special effects range of paints designed to give homeowners personalised and unique finishes.

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