The inspiration behind our innovation

Coating innovation that never dries up

The future of coatings isn’t just bright. It’s colourful. It’s more sustainable with fewer emissions. And it’s safer while providing even better protection of your most valuable assets. We can’t make paint talk – not yet – but we believe there’s always more we can do to deliver you better-performing solutions. That’s why we’re at the forefront of new coating technologies.

While we all want coatings that dry faster, our passion to innovate the next breakthrough solution never dries up. For more than 100 years, Hempel has worked with customers and industry players to develop new technologies that have a real impact on business performance.

With our 12 dedicated innovation facilities across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and America, we’re ready to meet wherever you are in the world. Together, we can develop solutions specifically tailored for your needs and the environments in which you operate:

  • Protect your buildings and structures for longer
  • Sail your vessels with less fuel and emissions
  • Guard your industrial assets and containers with higher durability in harsh environments
  • Make any asset look great with less maintenance
  • Apply coatings that are easier, faster and more environmentally friendly

Be inspired by our latest innovations

Hempatop Repel 800

Breakthrough offshore protection of steel

Steel and saltwater have never been best friends. But don't worry. Our water-repellent coatings will keep them apart. Hempatop Repel 800 protects your offshore assets for longer to significantly reduce the frequency and cost of ongoing maintenance. This breakthrough solution was developed to address one of the primary causes of coating failure – water ingress through the coating system – ensuring greater protection for steel in offshore environments. See what it can do for you.



Award winning technology of activated zinc

We like our zinc activated. Why? Because it’s the most important anti-corrosive ingredient in a zinc-rich coating. In our award-winning Hempadur Avantguard zinc primers, more zinc is activated throughout the coating to give you superior corrosion protection in the harshest environments, from offshore oil and gas installations to heavy-duty manufacturing. They dry faster than standard zinc-rich epoxies, too, so you get best-in-class overcoating intervals and higher production speeds.


Hempel SHAPE

Crunch big data to save big on fuel

Vessel operators are constantly looking to save fuel and reduce emissions. Our ground-breaking digital analysing tool achieves just that. Based on the ISO 19030 framework, Hempel SHAPE goes beyond efficient hull coatings. It combines high-quality data gathering, expert analysis, decisive insights and more with world-class coatings to form the industry’s most sophisticated solution for optimising hull and propeller efficiency.


Hempaguard MaX

Industry-leading hull coating for energy efficiency

If you want the most energy-efficient hull coating, Hempaguard MaX is the answer. It’s based on the success of Hempaguard X7 and Actiguard technology, which has been applied to over 1,500 vessels, saving USD 500 million in fuel and over 10 million tonnes in CO2 emissions. Hempaguard MaX reduces application time in dock and minimises hull drag for improved fuel efficiency – even more than its predecessor.


Hempafire Pro 315

Long-lasting passive fire protection (PFP)

In a fire, even structural steel will buckle and collapse if the heat gets high enough. Our intumescent coatings insulate steel during a fire, giving people valuable time to evacuate the building. Hempafire Pro 315 takes intumescent coatings to another level – significantly cutting paint consumption, waste, time and costs during application compared to traditional intumescent coatings, without compromising performance.

Meet our innovation initiatives

Innovation Cup

Constant innovation is the core of our business. That’s why we encourage all of our employees to come up with and share all their great ideas. Many of these ideas have already been realised, forming the solutions and services we offer you now and in the future.

Centre of Excellence for passive fire protection

We want to offer industry-leading passive fire protection (PFP), and the entire Centre of Excellence in Barcelona is dedicated to this field. The state-of-the-art research and development facilities opened in 2018 and cover 3,000 m2 of laboratory and testing areas.

New R&D campus in Copenhagen

Imagine an 11,000 m2 campus dedicated solely to the development of new coating technologies and solutions. Opening in 2020, our new Hempel Campus will gather leading scientists and researchers to push the boundaries of what’s possible.