Fast drying solutions

Greater productivity with fast drying systems

To succeed in today’s world, companies must constantly work to drive productivity. When it comes to in-shop coating application, the key is to work with coatings that give you shorter drying times and require fewer coats.

Save time and money

To help increase your productivity and throughput, we’ve put together fast-drying systems for all corrosive categories according to ISO 12944. 

All our fast-drying systems take less time to apply and most require fewer coats than equivalent systems. They deliver excellent corrosion performance, good aesthetics and low-VOC content. They also dry to a durable finish that reduces the need for re-blasting and recoating on site. As a result, you can deliver a higher quality application, for less time and money.

Discover our best selling fast-drying solutions

As part of Hempel’s ongoing Research & Development, we have been looking at ways of optimising the application process to improve productivity for applicators and increase the quality of the end result.

With this tool, you can choose fast-drying system you need, based on the corrosivity category of and the required durability. 

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