A coating solution for every area of your vessel

From the topsides to the underwater hull, we supply coatings for every area of a vessel, all designed to prolong service life and improve your operational efficiency.
From the frozen expanses of the Arctic to stormy southern seas, the marine environment is one of the most inhospitable on the planet. Above the waterline, the corrosive sea air and wear caused by loading and unloading cargo quickly erodes unprotected metal. Below the waterline, marine organisms cling to the hull, wreaking havoc on a vessel’s hydrodynamics and driving up fuel bills and emissions.

Underwater Hull

With a complete range of hull coatings, we can specify a proven solution for almost any vessel and trading pattern. Whether you need complete trading flexibility and long idle times or a cost-effective solution for short service intervals, we can help lower your fuel bills and increase your overall operational efficiency.

Decks, Topsides and Superstructure

To ensure your vessel remains in top condition, your topside areas need a tough coating system to protect them from saline corrosion, abrasion and sunlight degradation. Our wide range of coatings for decks, topsides and superstructures do just that.

Ballast Tanks

The ballast tanks are probably the largest area of structural steel on your vessel, which means low maintenance can lead to significant savings. Our certified ballast tank coatings have been proven to perform on hundreds of vessels around the globe.

Cargo Holds

Your cargo holds are subject to extremely harsh conditions. Our dedicated cargo hold coatings are extremely tough, with a maximum maintenance interval of 10 years, to increase the service life of your cargo holds, lower your maintenance costs and help boost you operational efficiency.

Cargo Tanks

Proven to protect against even the most aggressive cargos, our cargo tank linings reduce maintenance and ensure a long service life. They also eliminate contamination between cargos and are easy to clean, which helps reduce turnaround times to ensure you can switch between cargos with greater efficiency.

Potable water

With a range of fully certified solvent-free epoxies for potable water tanks, Hempel ensures your water tanks are protected from corrosion - and full of delicious drinking water and nothing else.


Protect and maintain the interior of your vessel with our easy-to-maintain certified range of interior coatings. Our comprehensive range of coatings for vessel interiors and accommodation blocks keep corrosion at bay and have a low flame spread to increase safety. They are also easy to maintain, to ensure you spend less time on maintenance and more time working at sea.