Wind Turbine Blades

Best-in-class full system solution for blades and Leading Edge Protection 

Longer lasting blade protection for greater wind energy output- through less

Wind turbine blades are continuously exposed to the elements – rain, salt, moisture, UV radiation and temperature fluctuations. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure your blades benefit from adequate protection to shield them from damage, erosion and degradation.
The condition of your blades affects energy conversion efficiency, therefore choosing the right protection can help operators maintain consistent production levels and reduce maintenance frequency, downtime and operational costs.

Our ‘Power of Less’ philosophy is our response to these industry-wide challenges, focusing on delivering superior blade protection with minimal environmental impact and reduced material use. Our innovative coatings are designed to shield blades from damage and degradation with fewer layers, leading to less waste and a simplified maintenance process. This approach not only bolsters the durability and efficiency of your blades but also aligns with the goals of sustainable operation and increased profitability.

Rotor Blade Manufacturing: Boost your blade performance in factory

In challenging times, when optimising profitability is a priority throughout the value chain, turning your attention to blades and Leading Edge Protection applications is key.

The Hempablade range of coatings is a best-in-class full system solution for blades and LEP that delivers better protection and performance with less material, waste and work.

Rotor Blade Maintenance: Boost your blade maintenance activities

A proven way to provide your customers with better protection and increased AEP, while extending service intervals and giving you more turbine uptime and less maintenance costs.

The Hempablade range of coatings is a best-in-class LEP protection that delivers better protection and performance with less material and waste and shorter application and repair times. 

Your partner committed to the future of wind

We’ve been working with the wind industry since 1980. Over the years, we’ve worked with innovative OEMs to develop wind turbine coatings and application processes for the entire turbine.  

Through Power of Less, we help customers all over the world minimise material use.   

That’s how we believe that we together can make sure that wind industry becomes the leader in the race to renewable energy sources and production. 

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