Corrosion under insulation and high heat

Lowering maintenance requirements in the toughest conditions

High performance in high heat

As temperature increases, so does the strain on your protective coating system. In high heat situations, above temperatures where corrosion under insulation (CUI) typically occurs, you need a protective coating that will continue to perform, despite extreme heat or rapid temperature fluctuations.

Our heat-resistant coatings protect components in these conditions to ensure long-lasting anti-corrosive performance and keep your maintenance costs down.

Hempel coatings for high heat situations

We provide a full range of coatings and solutions for high heat situations, including:




Based on zinc silicate chemistry and designed for the most corrosive conditions, our Galvosil series of high-performance primers ensure longer asset lifetimes and efficient maintenance in temperatures up to 500°C.

Hempel’s Silicone 56914

A heat-resistant aluminium pigmented polysiloxane topcoat able to withstand temperatures up to 600°C, Hempel’s Silicone 56914 is ideal for the long-term protection of hot pipelines, exhaust pipes, smokestacks and other hot surfaces.

Hempatex Primer 19151 & 19161

Based on a special resin, Hempatex Primer provides temporary corrosion protection during storage and fabrication for high temperature equipment, such as pipes, heating coils and hot ventilation channels. When heated, the paint decomposes slowly.



Versiline CUI 56990

As well as excellent CUI resistance, Versiline CUI 56990 also offers temperature resistance from -196°C to 650°C.

Hempel’s Silicone Acrylic 56940
Based on an acrylic modified polysiloxane resin, it is air drying at room temperature and is available in safety colours for pipe markings
Hempel’s Silicone Topcoat 56900
Based on a heat resistant polysiloxane paint coupled with inert pigments this product offers excellent heat resistance.