Hempafire Pro

Hempafire Pro 315 has been developed to maintain the stability of steel structures in the event of a fire.

Proven fire protection for almost any project

With multiple coatings for different steel profiles, fire protection can be complex. With Hempafire Pro, it no longer has to be.

Independently tested, Hempafire Pro coatings provide proven fire protection for 60, 90 or 120 minutes and can be applied to all steel section types (I sections, hollows, cellular beams, etc.) using standard application equipment. Combined with a primer and topcoat, they offer excellent long-term performance in exterior environments up to C4. All this makes Hempafire Pro an ideal choice for almost any project. 

Greater safety. Higher productivity. And a beautifully robust finish.

Designed for performance and productivity, Hempafire Pro coatings improve building safety and increase project efficiency. They require lower loadings than similar products, reducing paint consumption and application costs. And they go on fast and dry quickly, for higher productivity in the yard and on site.

Optimising a lower cost solution with greater project simplicity, Hempafire Pro systems offer lower DFTs and are fast drying, which minimises damage during transport and construction, reducing touch-up work on site. Hempafire Pro coatings also dry to a very smooth finish with a high-quality appearance. The result is greater safety, higher productivity and a beautifully robust finish. 

Save costs with exceptionally low loadings

Thanks to Hempafire Pro’s exceptionally low loadings, you require thinner dry film thicknesses on most steel profiles, significantly reducing paint consumption and waste compared to similar products. 

As Hempafire Pro coatings require less thickness and fewer coats, the intumescent layers in your coating system will have short drying times, increasing throughput and efficiency in the paint shop. For on-site applications, Hempafire Pro can be applied up to 1,600 microns in one coat without sagging. This means fewer coats are required, which results in lower on-site labour costs and faster project completion times.


Improve efficiency with robust application properties

Due to the lower film thicknesses, Hempafire Pro coatings achieve robust mechanical characteristics quickly, reducing the risk of damage during handling and transportation. They can be applied with standard application equipment and dry to a visually attractive smooth finish that won’t crack or scuff during construction.

Reduce complexity with one product for all profiles

Hempafire Pro coatings can be applied to all steel profile types – from thin hollow tubes and large open columns to cellular beams, tension rods, plates and other complex shapes. This means you only need one solution for both on-site and off-site applications, which will lower your stock requirements and simplify your logistics and specification processes.

The Hempafire Pro product range

All our Hempafire Pro products are independently tested according international standards and third-party certifications and offer excellent performance and application benefits. They are available in two versions – standard and fast drying – both able to accommodate the application requirements of your project. 


Hempafire Pro 315

Proven fire protection and high productivity, optimised for fire durations of 60 minutes.


Hempafire Pro 400

Proven fire protection and high productivity, optimised for fire durations of 90 minutes.
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