An advanced range of environmental-friendly primers and enamels

Our Hemucryl protective coatings deliver robust anti-corrosive performance, colour retention and chemical resistance – in a waterborne formulation

Based on waterborne acrylic technology, our Hemucryl range includes acrylic primers that deliver high-quality corrosion protection as well as enamels with excellent chemical resistance, colour retention and weathering properties.

Hemucryl coatings ensure you benefit from long maintenance intervals and are ideal for both new construction and steel repair in buildings, airports, civil structures and thermal power installations where long protection and environmental performance are a must.

Environmentally friendly coatings as part of your full coating system

Hemucryl coatings can be used as part of a fully waterborne coating system, or combined with epoxy primers and intermediates, including Hempadur Avantguard®, for advanced corrosion protection.

Our Hemucryl product range includes:

Hemucryl Primer Hi-Build 18032, a waterborne acrylic dispersion coating with high-quality anti-corrosive properties, that is ideal for waterborne systems on interior and exterior steelwork in mild to moderate corrosive environments. You can also use Hemucryl Primer Hi-Build 18032 on hot-dip galvanized steel, aluminium and stainless steel in mildly corrosive environments.

Hemucryl Enamel Hi-Build 58030, a waterborne acrylic dispersion-based topcoat that gives you a non-yellowing and glossy coating with low dirt pick-up, good weathering properties and high gloss retention. You can use Hemucryl Enamel Hi-Build 58030 as a finishing coat for interior and exterior systems in moderate to severe corrosive environments, such as buildings where relatively high resistance to water vapour and carbon dioxide should be taken into account. It’s also an ideal finishing coat for intumescent passive fire protection systems when low-VOC is a requirement.