Hempaline Defend

Trusted in challenging environments

Why Hempaline Defend is the right choice

To improve your tanks’ profitability, it's essential to extend its service life and lower maintenance costs. Achieve this by implementing extended inspection intervals, which increase uptime, and minimize downtime with fast return to service. By optimizing your tank's performance, you'll reap the benefits of increased profitability and reduced costs. With longer service life, lower maintenance costs, and minimized downtime, you can enhance your tank's efficiency and take your operations to the next level. Don't miss out on the opportunity to maximize your tank's potential and boost profitability today!

Be inspired by Hempaline Defend benefits

High Productivity

  • Fast return to service with 24-hour curing
  • Fast application with high DFTs in a single coat
  • Long overcoating and inspection intervals

Long-Lasting Durability

  • Tested and proven performance
  • API compliant
  • Improved chemical resistance

Easy Application

  • Easy application with standard airless spray equipment
  • Less rework and fewer inspections with solvent-free products
  • Suitable for maintenance, newbuilding and pit filling
  • Excellent flow properties, increases rate of application and minimise defects

One product, many applications

  • Simple specification with a single product for different applications and tank sizes
  • Various approvals including EI 1541 and WRAS
  • Can be combined with mat-reinforced systems

Helping you hit your sustainability targets

The products in the Hempaline Defend line help you achieve your sustainability goals in different areas:


The products are 100% solids, which reduces emissions during application and has benefits for the applicator and the environment.

Less energy and waste

Due to their increased thickness and reduced number of coats, Hempeline Defend products lower energy use, resource consumption, waste and emissions during application.

Lower risk of leaks

The quality, durability and chemical resistance of the linings prevent product leaks and losses, as well as contamination of the substrate.

No hazardous materials

The formulation of the Hempaline Defend epoxy base ensures there are no red raw materials (substances that are hazardous to the people or the environment).

Hempaline Defend’s Applications


Take a flexible, unconventional approach to your ever-changing onshore and offshore challenges.


Keep your operations running smoothly with quick-to-apply, cost-effective anti-corrosive coatings.

Thermal Power

Power plants and equipment can suffer extreme corrosion from complex process conditions.

How we've helped our customers

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