Cargo Tanks

Proven to protect against even the most aggressive cargoes, our cargo tank coatings eliminate contamination and are easy to clean, so you can switch cargos and trading patterns with greater efficiency.

Your cargo tank coating protects your tank against harmful cargos and corrosion to reduce maintenance and ensure a long service life. But for real operational efficiency, it should also eliminate contamination between cargos and be easy to clean – so you can reduce your turnaround times and quickly switch between cargos as the market demands.

Built on proven technology, our pure epoxy, phenolic epoxy and zinc silicate-based cargo tank coatings do just that.

Why choose a cargo tank coating from Hempel?

Resistance to chemicals and corrosion
You get outstanding resistance to even the most aggressive liquid cargos for a longer lifetime and lower maintenance.
Operational efficiency
Resistant to absorption and easy to clean, our cargo tank coatings help ensure you have faster turnaround times and more time at sea.
Any time, any place application
Shipyard requirements vary from region to region. Our coatings are tailored to the particular needs of specific countries to ensure you get the most efficient application process possible.
Application flexibility
You can apply our cargo tank coatings all year round in hot, cold and humid climates – and they cure fast, too. This means quicker turnaround times and lower maintenance costs for you.
Full certified
Our cargo tank coatings conform to IMO/PSPC rules for cargo tanks and are FDA compliant for liquid foodstuff cargos.

Choosing the right coating

Choosing the right coating depends on your vessel’s typical cargos and cargo sequences. Use our Online Cargo Protection Guide to help make the right choice, or contact your local Hempel representative.

The Cargo Protection Guide provides information on the resistance of Hempel's cargo tank coatings as well as how to maintain this resistance for the longest possible period of operation

Cargo tanks solutions:

Hempadur 15460
A high solids amine adduct cured pure epoxy tank coating resistant to continuous immersion in a range of chemicals, including crude oil up to 80ºC/176ºF

Hempadur 15500
Phenolic epoxy coating with ultra-high performance and reliable chemical resistance against aggressive liquid cargoes

Hempadur 15600
PSPC approved pure epoxy with superior protection against crude oil, product oils, waste water, mud & brines and seawater

Hempel's Galvosil 15700
Zinc silicate-based tank coating with outstanding chemical resistance to organic chemicals and solvents within the pH range 6-9