Our Hempaline Defend linings are specifically designed for the
aggressive environments found in the power generation and oil and gas

Trusted in challenging environments

Designed specifically for aggressive service environments, our Hempaline Defend coatings help you maximise uptime through longer asset lifetime, reduced maintenance and a faster return to service.

In aggressive service environments, you need a coating solution that provides advanced protection against extreme pH swings, high temperatures, abrasion and a wide range of chemicals and solvents. For a coating you can trust in these conditions, look no further than our range of proven Hempaline Defend linings.

Hempaline Defend Epoxy linings

Ideal for storage tank bottoms, process vessels and secondary containment areas.

Hempaline Defend Vinyl Ester linings

Ideal for power plant FGD DE1 ducting, absorbers and other equipment. All our Hempaline Defend solutions include rapid-cure linings to ensure your assets are back in service faster.

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Our Hempaline linings protect your assets