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This website, www.hempel.com, and associates language sites or pages  are owned by Hempel A/S, Lundtoftegårdsvej 91, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby, CVR. no.: 59946013.

When you visit the Website for the first time, you will be asked to give your explicit consent to the use of cookies on the Website or decline the use of all or some of the cookies. Please note that the use of functionality cookies does not require your consent, as such cookies are necessary for the function of the Website. We encourage you to accept the cookies used by the Website, because it will help us improve your and other people's experience when visiting the Website. If you decline the use of cookies, there may be functionalities on the Website, which you cannot utilize.

When you use our Website, we do not register any information that can identify you directly, such as name and address. However, we register how you navigate around the site, so we can learn more about how our site is used, and we register your IP-address, which can identify you indirectly. Please read more about how we process your personal data and the legal basis in our Privacy Notice.

  • 1. What are cookies and how long are they stored?

    A cookie is a text file that is sent to your browser from our Website and saved on your computer, phone or whichever device you use to access the internet. However, the meaning of the word “cookies” in this cookie policy and in the consent-banner might also include other kinds of automated data collection, e.g. Flash-cookies (Local Shared Ob-jects), Web Storage (HTML5), JavaScript’s or cookies placed by the use of other kinds of software.

    There are basically two types of cookies, the so-called session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are information units that are deleted when you close your web browser. Persistent cookies are information units that are stored on your device until they are deleted. Persistent cookies delete themselves after a certain period but are renewed each time you visit the Website. Hempel uses both session and persistent cookies. Read more about this below in section 4, where you will also find an overview of the specific cookies we use.

  • 2. The purpose of cookies

    Cookies may be used for a number of purposes, but in our case, they are used to save information about your activity on the Website. Cookies contain information that later in time can be read by a web server on the domain that issued the cookie in question. This means that the relevant website remembers you the next time you visit it.

    We collect information via cookies in order to improve your user experience on our Website and services, to pro-vide and improve usability and functionality, to generate statistics, analysis and website performance reviews, to remember your preferences and due to marketing purposes; tracking of your location and to customize our advertising. The benefit for you is that you will save time next time you visit the Website, as you do not have to enter the same information again and that the content will be adjusted to your preferences.

  • 3. Third party cookies
    In order to further develop and improve the Website, we use cookies from certain third parties. The purposes are preparation of statistics and analyses of online behavior. The third parties place the cookies on your device on our behalf and prepare the statistics, etc. Third parties used are listed in the cookie declaration below.
  • 4. Cookie declaration

  • 5. Removal of cookies

    You can always reject or deselect the location of cookies on your device by changing the settings in your browser or by referring to section 4 of this page.

    Please note that if you opt out, there are features and services on our Website that you cannot use because they require the Website to remember the choices you make.

    Cookies that you have previously accepted can easily be deleted subsequently. If you use a computer with a newer browser, you can delete your cookies using the shortcut keys: CTRL + SHIFT + Delete. If the shortcut keys do not work and/or if you use a MAC, you must start by finding out which browser you are using, and then click on the relevant link with guidelines on how to opt out of cookies:

    Note that if you use multiple internet browsers, you must delete cookies in all your browsers.

  • 6. Contact

    Please contact us if you have any questions about the use of cookies.

    Contact details:
    Hempel A/S 
    Lundtoftegårdsvej 91
    2800 Kgs. Lyngby
    CVR. no.: 59946013
    Email: privacy@hempel.com

    Date of last change to this cookie policy: 2 March 2023.

  • 7. Appendix

    You can find all language versions which the "hempel.com" domain is available in, by following the link below: