My Hempel

Case Story

Customers increase procurement efficiency with My Hempel

As customers look to increase efficiency in every part of their business, more and more are turning to My Hempel. An online customer portal, My Hempel gives you all the information and tools you need to find and order our coatings online – significantly increasing ordering speed and efficiency.

Today, My Hempel orders contribute to over 30 per cent of our order lines across the Middle East. For many customers, this has made a huge difference to their ordering processes. 

It’s much easier and faster than placing an order manually.
Hydrotech Engineering

The challenge 

Regardless of the industry, efficiency and profits are closely tied. Many of our customers, therefore, are constantly looking for ways to increase efficiency and reduce administrative work for key staff. In procurement and supply chain, one way to do this is by finding more efficient ways to source, order and track products and deliveries.

The solution 

My Hempel is an online self-service platform that gives customers’ procurement staff all the information and tools they need to fi nd and order our coatings online. With My Hempel, they can browse products, place orders, fi nd important documentation, access invoices and much more – at any time and from anywhere. It’s a simple way to improve the speed and effi ciency of their ordering process. 

The results

Today, My Hempel orders contribute to over 30 per cent of our orders in the Middle East, and that number is increasing. For many, the improvement in speed and efficiency has made a big difference. According to Sajeev Kumar of Almeer Technical Services Co., for example, My Hempel has eliminated waiting time around quotations.

“We started using My Hempel as soon as it became available in early 2019,” he says. “I use it to browse products, place orders and track invoices. Previously, I had to wait for a quotation to be created before placing an order. My Hempel has made this much easier and quicker than before.”

Abhishek Jospeh at Apex Energy has had a similar experience. “I originally signed up due to the promotional discount offered for online orders, but it’s actually made my work easier and faster,” he explains. “The system is very good, very user-friendly. It gives me all the information I need online, and I get notifications about my orders, which saves me having to check.

At Hempel, we’re constantly working to improve our digital services – including our online colour converter, which enables you to match shades to your RAL equivalents and vice versa – in terms of speed, performance and user-friendliness. We’re also developing and adding new features, which we believe customers like Technical Services Co. and Apex Energy will benefit from in the future. 

The price is already in My Hempel, so you can place an order even without a quotation. This has reduced my process time
Rahul P., Hanmaek, UAE FZ LLC