My Hempel

Case Story

My Hempel helps customers maintain efficiency during COVID-19

When the COVID-19 pandemic first swept the world, companies had to adjust to a new way of working – with social distancing, remote working and additional hygiene rules. These companies began looking for solutions that would help their employees work from home more efficiently. For many of our customers, one such solution was My Hempel.

Our online self-service platform, My Hempel enables customers to find and order products, track shipments, access important documentation and more – all online. It’s a simple way to improve the speed and efficiency of their ordering process, and an ideal way to complete coatings procurement from a home office.

During the first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic, several large customers in the UAE switched to My Hempel. After seeing the benefits, they remain connected to My Hempel today. 

I implemented My Hempel during the lockdown. It has improved response time, with is much appreciated. It was easy to sign up and it took just five minutes for me to place my first order.
Regin K. Thomas, Al Nawras Steel Co. LLC.

The challenge 

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Middle East, most countries and industries went into partial or full lockdown. Factories closed, offices and shops were shut and people were asked to work from home. However, essential industries, including many served by our Protective and Marine segments, remained open. These industries faced a unique challenge: How to keep operating within the new hygiene and social distancing rules, and with most employees working from home.

The solution 

We immediately realised that My Hempel could be a huge help for our customers in this unique situation. Our online customer portal, My Hempel allows customers to browse products, place orders and track shipments from pretty much anywhere, including a home office. It also gives them easy access to their order history, invoices and important product documentation.

Our Commercial Support and Customer Care staff began calling customers that we felt could benefit from using My Hempel. Many of our largest customers in UAE signed up. For these customers, My Hempel has not only made ordering products and tracking shipments faster and easier, it has also reduced costs, as orders placed on My Hempel receive a five per cent discount compared to our standard prices. 

My Hempel gives me faster response times and it makes it easy to monitor the status of my orders. It is highly recommended.
Nandeesh KTH, Pretech Trading Est.
I would definitely recommend My Hempel, especially in the current COVID-19 situation
Abhishek Jospeh, Apex Energy Company