Protective Services 

Your business, our expertise – a performance partnership

Get the most from your coatings 

From initial planning and specification through to application and final curing, our expert coating advisors ensure your maintenance and newbuild projects run efficiently and that your coatings are applied correctly – so you can realise the full benefits of every coating.

There are a number of Hempel Protective Services to choose from. Which is best for you?

Standard Coating Advisory

Monitoring and support for long-term coating performance

With our Standard Coating Advisory services we conduct basic checks and provide support for core coating activities. As a result, you can expect lower repair costs and longer maintenance intervals.

Premium Coating Advisory

Advice and support to lower application costs and reduce asset downtime

With our Premium Coating Advisory service, a Hempel coating advisor is onsite during all the critical phases of your project, providing complete application oversite and expert advice. The result? You reduce repair costs and get your asset back in operation as quickly as possible.

Coating Management

Future-proof your asset – to minimise downtime and maximise coating performance.

We manage the entire coating application side of your project, including scope check, preparation, coordination with sub-contractors, application and planning of future maintenance. You get a dedicated Hempel project manager to plan, manage and optimise all coating-related tasks – and ensure you benefit from a rapid return to service, lower project costs and reduced long-term maintenance.

Production Line Survey

Increase application efficiency for lower costs and higher throughput.

Designed specifically for facilities that operate a production line, our Production Line Survey helps you reduce operational expenses and increase production speeds. An expert coating advisor analyses every aspect of coating application to identify areas where you can cut costs, increase line speed and improve coating quality.

Condition Survey 

Reduce long-term maintenance costs and increase asset uptime.

We evaluate your existing structure and coating system to identify potential issues and advise on long-term maintenance requirements. This ensures you can correct issues before they become a problem – to keep your long-term maintenance costs down and extend your asset’s trading time and service life.

Technical Training

Develop the in-house skills you need for future success.

Our training services are specially developed to give your staff the technical skills and insight they need to consistently produce high-quality work, whether they’re applying the coatings themselves or overseeing final quality. All our courses cover the latest technology and techniques, and can be tailored to your requirements.

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