Hull Inspection Service

Fast and effective hull inspections with ROVs

Your eyes underwater

Regular hull inspections can have a big impact on a vessel’s bottom line and environmental performance. A smooth, clean hull improves fuel efficiency, which reduces both fuel costs and emissions. But how do you know if your hull needs cleaning or repair?

The best option is to a look underwater. But most underwater hull inspection services are time-consuming and expensive – and reporting can be inconsistent. Our Hull Inspection Service is different.

Faster, easier and more effective underwater inspections

Delivered using a Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV), our Hull Inspection Service helps you boost efficiency, both in port and at sea.

A Hempel hull inspection can be completed in as little as two hours. It is conducted by one of our ROV experts, who are based close to major ports to make arrangement and deployment simple. And, as no diving is required, you don’t need to shut down your vessel’s systems during the inspection.

This means you can inspect your hull more often, enabling you to make better informed decisions that will maximise your vessel’s fuel efficiency to drive down costs and emissions.

Easy and safe

Cost-effective and flexible ROV deployment takes less time in port and eliminates risks associated with diving.


Hull cleaning support

Ideal for pre-cleaning assessments and post-cleaning reporting.


Better dry dock planning

Eliminates unexpected surprises before dry docking.


Visual documentation

Photographic images and video recordings give you accurate and consistent data.


Environmental compliance

Enables the creation of an effective biofouling management plan, with port authority documentation.