Hempel's Thinner 0845T


Apart from a few special situations, thinning is not necessary. Paints are designed to be applied out of the can, so once the paint has been thoroughly mixed (together with a curing agent if appropriate), there should not normally be a need for the addition of thinner. There are general reasons for when to use thinner and when not to use thinner. To learn more about these reasons please visit Technical Guideline ‘Use of Thinner’
  • Recommended use

    In general, do not add thinner to the mixed paint to start with and never to the separate paint components. Initially, mix the paint thoroughly at the correct temperature (around 20°C [68°F]) and try the application before adding any thinner. If viscosity is still too high for proper application, start by adding thinner gradually since (obviously) too much added thinner cannot be removed again

Hempel rolls out improved safety information (EU)

Plan the safest process for your paint application with Safe Use Mixture information (also called SUMIs) on all products.