Hempel's Speed-Dry Alkyd 43142


Hempel's Speed-Dry Alkyd 43142 is a very quick-drying anticorrosive primer/finish pigmented with zinc phosphate as anticorrosive inhibiting pigment.
  • Features

    Very fast drying properties, High solids content, Can be applied in one coat in a thickness range dry of 60-160μm, Excellent overcoatability with itself or similar alkyds, Good adhesion to steel, Friendly for both user and environment, does not contain any lead and chromates, Good results with most means of application including brush
  • Recommended use

    As a single/double coat anticorrosive primer/finish for steel structures, general steel work and a multitude of applications for heavy and light steel industry, where quick drying properties are required. It is for general use, in exterior and interior steel surfaces. Suitable for protection of steel in mild to medium atmospheric corrosive environments.
  • Markets and application

    Infrastructure/Civil structures
    Infrastructure/Infrastructure others

Hempel rolls out improved safety information (EU)

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