Hempel's AntiFouling Olympic+ 72900


Hempel's Antifouling Olympic+ 72900 is a high solids, self-polishing antifouling. The robust rosin technology combined with a good biocide package ensures predictable antifouling protection. The use of patented microfibre technology ensures superior mechanical strength to avoid cracking and peeling and reduces maintenance costs during repair.
  • Features

    Good biocide package. Low activity level. Instant effect on contact with water. Easy overcoating. Application in warm environment. Can be applied below 0°C [32°F].
  • Recommended use

    Hempel's Antifouling Olympic+ 72900 can be used for both newbuildings and maintenance of underwater hull and boottop. Recommended for slow steaming vessels. For drydocking intervals up to 36 months.
  • Markets and application

    Marine/Marine new build
    Marine/Marine dry dock
    Yacht Pro/Yacht Pro

Hempel rolls out improved safety information (EU)

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