Hempel's AntiFouling Globic 9000 78902


Hempel's Antifouling Globic 9000 78902 is a premium, high solids, chemically hydrolysing SPC antifouling based on Nano Acrylate Technology (NAT). The product offers leading low friction properties, self-smoothening and very fine control of polishing for optimal performance due to the efficient biocide package. A high polishing rate boosts the performance as more biocides leaches to the surface where a very thin leached layer is maintained. The use of microfiber technology ensures extraordinary mechanical strength to avoid cracking and peeling and reduces maintenance costs during repair.
  • Features

    Powerful biocide mix against hard and soft fouling. Suitable for trading at different speeds and outperforms other SPC products, particularly in slow steaming. Excellent low friction and self-smoothing properties. High volume solids for fast paint application and less time in dock. Instant effect on contact with water. Easy overcoating. Application in warm environment. Can be applied below 0°C [32°F]. Good colour stability. Performance guarantee.
  • Recommended use

    Hempel's Antifouling Globic 9000 78902 can be used for both newbuildings and maintenance of underwater hull and boottop. The product is especially good for slow steaming vessels and vessels with frequent idle days. For drydocking intervals up to 90 months.
  • Markets and application

    Marine/Marine new build
    Marine/Marine dry dock

New REACH restriction on diisocyanates

A new EU Regulation 2020/1149 will come into force the 24 August 2023. Read more about the new REACH regulation on diiscocyanates here.