Hempatherm IC 175


Hempatherm IC 175 is a waterbased thermal insulation coating. Based on aerogel technology and a special acrylic resin blend, the product offers best-in-class thermal insulation properties suitable for a wide range of applications. Hempatherm IC 175 cures to a hydrophobic layer that is able to resist water retention and thereby maintains reliable and consistent thermal insulation performance over its service life. The coating forms a seamless and flexible layer that is able to withstand thermal cycling and prevents corrosion under insulation (CUI).
  • Features

    Waterbased and zero VOC. High film build capable of up to 5 mm DFT per coat. Resist water retention and maintains consistent thermal insulative performance over service life.
  • Recommended use

    Hempatherm IC 175 can be used in new construction and maintenance on external surfaces of process pipework, valves, pressure vessels, storage tanks, and other equipment to provide thermal insulation for energy retention and condensation control. It can be used as an alternative to conventional thermal insulation and jacketing in both heated and cold service.
  • Markets and application

    Oil and Gas/Downstream
    Oil and Gas/Upstream
    Oil and Gas/Pipe coatings