Hempasil X3+


Hempasil X3+ is a third generation, high solids, silicone based, fouling release coating. A hydrogel micro layer prevents fouling organisms from firmly adhering and provides self-cleaning properties. The product provides a smooth, low surface energy and repellent surface with unique fouling release properties.
  • Features

    High to low activity level. Very smooth coating surface and low friction. High fuel saving potential. Instant effect on contact with water. Easy overcoating. Application in warm environment. Can be applied down to 0°C [32°F].
  • Recommended use

    Hempasil X3+ can be used for vessels with service speeds above 8 knots. The product is also ideal for use in power plant water inlets on pipes and grates to prevent biofouling. The product is also suitable for propellers.
  • Markets and application

    Yacht Pro/Yacht Pro
    Marine/Marine new build