Hempafloor Decorate Quartz


Hempafloor Decorate 600 Quartz are colored aggregates, spherical in shape and can custom blended with infinite options to achieve optimal appearance and pattern. In addition, the quartz results in a tough non-slip texture to increase safety. To be applied in combination with Hempafloor Decorate 600 for achieving decorative colored Quartz floor system.
  • Features

    Industrial-strength, chemical and abrasion resistance Durability for environments with all kinds of ‘high’ traffic Easy maintenance, with no waxing or re-polishing required Non-slip versions for increased safety A wide variety of patterns and flooring designs
  • Recommended use

    Designed to be used in a system with Hempafloor Decorate 600 to create an attractive hard wearing and durable decorative flooring system. can be used in a variety of commercial, industrial, retail and domestic applications including restaurants, cafés, commercial kitchens, hospitals, schools, reception areas, workshops, warehousing & garages or anywhere a hard wearing decorative, internal floor is required.
  • Markets and application