Hempadur Zinc 17360


Hempadur Zinc 17360 is a two-component, zinc rich epoxy primer. It cures to a hard wearing and highly weather-resistant coating. Offers cathodic protection of local mechanical damage. Complies with EU Directive 2004/42/EC, The Paints Directive on the limitation of volatile organic compounds: subcategory j.
  • Recommended use

    As a "V.O.C.-compliant", versatile, long-term primer on steel for epoxy, vinyl and acrylic coating systems in medium to severely corrosive environments. In compliance with SSPC-Paint 20, type 2, level 2 and ISO 12944-5.
  • Markets and application

    Oil and Gas/Upstream offshore
    Oil and Gas/Upstream onshore
    Oil and Gas/Downstream
    Thermal Power/Thermal power
    Wind/Wind towers

Hempel rolls out improved safety information (EU)

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