Hempadur Quattro XO 17820


Hempadur Quattro XO 17820 is a pure epoxy, high volume solids primer with a high application flexibility. It holds good resistance to abrasion and has excellent anticorrosive and mechanical properties. It is an all year round primer, ideal for application in newbuilding, in ballast tanks and cargo holds. The product is available with different levels of aluminium and fibre pigmentation to deliver tailor made optimised performance properties for different  service conditions, enhanced cracking resistance and to reduce maintenance during ship service life.
  • Features

    Long overcoating intervals giving a high application flexibility. Cures down to -10°C [14°F].
  • Recommended use

    Hempadur Quattro XO 17820 is recommended as an universal, self-primed high performance coating system for atmospheric or immersion service, including cargo holds and water ballast tanks to be coated according to IMO-PSPC requirements. It is intended for all year application and for applications where long recoating intervals are required. The product resists normal ambient temperatures at sea when used in ballast water service (avoid long-term exposure to negative temperature gradients). For resistance to other liquids, please contact Hempel.
  • Markets and application

    Marine/Marine seastock
    Marine/Marine new build
    Marine/Marine dry dock

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