Hempadur Multi-Strength GF 35870


Hempadur Multi-Strength GF 35870 is an amine adduct cured epoxy coating. The product is reinforced with glass flakes and cures to a hard, impact and abrasion resistant coating with good resistance to sea water and splashes from petrol and related products. Suitable for early water exposure and will continue to cure under water.
  • Features

    High resistance to abrasion and damages. High build. Smooth surface to keep fuel consumption low. Low maintenance.
  • Recommended use

    Hempadur Multi-Strength GF 35870 is a self-primed, high-build coating recommended for areas subject to abrasion and/or to a high corrosive environment e.g. offshore splash zones, jetty pilings and working decks. The product is deal for use on offshore foundations and ice trading vessels.
  • Markets and application

    Marine/Marine new build
    Oil and Gas/Upstream
    Oil and Gas/Downstream
    Infrastructure/Civil structures
    Infrastructure/Infrastructure others
    Thermal Power/Thermal power

New REACH restriction on diisocyanates

A new EU Regulation 2020/1149 will come into force the 24 August 2023. Read more about the new REACH regulation on diiscocyanates here.