Hempadur EM 35740


Hempadur EM 35740 is an ultra-high solids and very low VOC epoxy coating. It has good self-priming properties and is suited for application even under humid conditions and on marginally prepared surfaces. Treated areas, e.g. ballast tanks, can quickly be re-immersed and put back into service. Time to ballast: 8 hours at 20°C [68°F].
  • Features

    Damp surface tolerance. Fast re-immersion. Ultra high solids. Very low VOC.
  • Recommended use

    Hempadur EM 35740 is recommended for small areas difficult to access, where climate control and surface preparation is difficult. The product is especially recommended for onboard maintenance and spot repair in e.g. water ballast tanks and on decks. It can be used on moist surfaces under conditions of 100% relative humidity.
  • Markets and application

    Marine/Marine seastock