Say goodbye to the challenges of conventional thermal insulation

The challenges of conventional insulation are well known: Moisture ingress, corrosion under insulation (CUI), inspection costs, time-consuming and cumbersome cladding and jacketing jobs. Isn't it time to find a smarter, more efficient alternative to conventional thermal insulation?

Corrosion resistant thermal insulation is here: The Hempatherm IC system

With our next level solution, the Hempatherm IC System, you can now finally insulate your production facility without being concerned about corrosion under insulation.

Instead of conventional techniques like cladding and metal jacketing, with its risk of moisture getting in and getting trapped under the insulation, you simply just coat your assets – through an easy, fast and safe application process.

The benefits of the Hempatherm IC system
compared to conventional thermal insulation

The Hempatherm IC system offers excellent protection against corrosion under insulation (CUI). Due to its unique aerogel technology and its seamless barrier coated surface – directly adhered to the metal substrate -, free of joints, it allows no water or moisture to ingress and corrode the underlying steel.
As a sprayable insulation solution with ultra-high film build the Hempatherm IC system uses a minimum of materials, equipment, and man-hours compared to conventional solutions. Application time for both new builds and maintenance projects will be significantly reduced. In addition, the cost of planning and performing CUI inspection will be reduced to a minimum – as less maintenance and fewer inspections are required.
The Hempatherm IC system has an outstanding insulation effect. The reason is its very high aerogel loading, matched by no other solution on the market. The result is a very low thermal conductivity, on par with conventional insulation. But more importantly: Due to the hydrophobic nature of the coating system, it prevents water ingress and retention to provide full insulation power throughout its service life. 

How it works

The facts of performance

  • Product facts
    Ultra-high film build
    The Hempatherm solution offers up to 5 mm wet film thickness in a single coat. This means you can achieve whatever thickness your energy retention requirements demand – quickly and with fewer coats.
    Strong adherence

    With the Hempel range of long-proven quality primers, you can be confident in the adherence of your coatings. You will consistently achieve a flawlessly sealed solution without any concerns about moisture neither entering or being trapped between the coating and the underlying steel.

    Damage-resilient surface
    Due to the flexibility of its air-filled aerogel, the Hempatherm coating solution is resilient to mechanical damage compared to conventional insulation. This contributes to the reduced risk of water penetration and CUI.
  • Maintenance facts
    Easy inspection
    In the unlikely event that corrosion should occur, you will be able to detect it immediately, simply by visual inspection of the surface.
    Minimised maintenance
    Sprayable insulative coatings eliminate the need for steel or aluminium jacketing and joint sealant which are easily damaged. Coated insulation therefore reduces the need to replace wet or damaged insulation.
    Easy repair
    If the coated insulation should get damaged, you just rip off the coat or simply recoat the damaged area. A new coat can be applied directly on an existing coat.
  • Facility specific facts
    Workplace safety
    With no handling of cut metal jacketing or cutting of microfibre insulation material the risk of accidents and injuries is reduced to a minimum. Furthermore, Hempatherm is waterborne, VOC-free and not inflammable.
    Facility planning flexibility
    With the reduced volume requirements of a coated insulation solution in comparison to conventional insulation, you can effortlessly insulate even the most challenging geometries and hard-to-reach areas.

The technology: Silica-aerogel

The Hempatherm IC system is based on the unique silica aerogel technology. Due to the nanopores structure of aerogel, made up of 97% air, it has an extremely low ability to conduct heat. This makes silica aerogel the world’s most effective insulator.

In combination with our advanced Hempel resin technology, the Hempatherm IC system offers you the most effective method for process insulation and energy retention – ever.

Hempatherm IC: Your sustainable choice for Corrosion Under Insulation protection

Discover how our Next Level Insulation not only protects your assets but also supports your sustainability goals.

VOC free

Unlike traditional insulation requiring metal cladding / jacketing, adhesives and sealants, our seamless waterborne Hempatherm IC solutions are free of harmful VOCs.

Maximum service life

As recognized by API 583, Hempatherm IC is classed as a Thermal Insulation Coating, which mitigates the risk of CUI and maintains insulation performance in service, providing
reliable and sustained energy conservation and savings over its service life.

Reduced waste

Hempatherm IC system allows for visual inspection and can extend inspection intervals, eliminating landfill waste generated through traditional remove/inspect/replace CUI cycles, thereby promoting a more sustainable approach for insulation.

Healthier working environments

Our Hempatherm IC system eliminates the risk of injury associated with handling metal jacketing and cutting steel.

Safer application

Hempatherm IC solutions prioritize safety with non-flammable properties, including a Class A rating for Hempatherm IC 170, ensuring the protection of your personnel and facilities during application.
By adopting Hempatherm IC solutions, you're not only safeguarding your assets from CUI and boosting safety for your personnel, but also contributing to a more sustainable future by reducing your environmental impact. Our commitment to sustainability aligns with our vision of creating a world where coatings protect and enhance the beauty of our planet.

System details

Want to know the full story of the Hempatherm IC system – how it provides comparable performance to conventional insulation and at the same time offers an ultradurable corrosion resistant coating system over the entire critical CUI temperature range?

Download our Hempatherm IC system information sheet and get all the details: the benefits and advantages, typical applications, physical properties (including temperature range), and the dry film thickness specifications it covers.

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Hempatherm IC system application guidelines

Description of procedures, recommendations and parameters to achieve the expected performance of the coating system.

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