Hempaline Defend

Trusted in challenging environments

Reduce your costs and downtime with Hempaline Defend linings

Hempaline Defend high-performance lining solutions are specifically designed for the aggressive environments found in the oil & gas and chemical industries. They ensure superior protection against corrosion, high temperature, extreme abrasion and a wide range of chemical and solvent materials – to reduce your maintenance costs and maximise your uptime.

The Hempaline Defend range

Revolutionize your coating solutions with Hempaline Defend and choose the product which meets your needs. 

Hempaline Defend 630

Solvent free novolac epoxy lining with excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals and solvents. Being able to apply in a single high DFT coat and API 652 compliant. Resists crude oil up to 120°C and suitable for biofuels

Hempaline Defend 740

A Novolac vinyl ester lining with glassflake reinforcement for steel and concrete protection. Optional mat reinforcement gives greater barrier properties and higher resistance to chemicals, acids and heat resistance, along with improved mechanical properties

Hempaline Defend 400

Solvent free epoxy lining with very good chemical resistance including crude oil up to 60°C [140°F], aromatic and aliphatic solvents, aviation fuels and gasoline.