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Looking for a durable water repellent coating? Learn how our two-coat system shows a significant improvement on the anticorrosive properties compared to a standard coating material.

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How to make your industrial assets last longer in extreme conditions

Maintaining your assets doesn’t have to be that costly. Tests show that Avantguard® outperforms conventional zinc epoxies in the protection of steel against corrosion. Find out why and how you can benefit from it.

How to reduce your costs in the wind energy industry

Avantguard® not only offers increased durability, but also up to four times better coating intervals. Find out how Avantguard® overcomes the challenges of the wind energy industry.

Take your corrosion protection to a higher level

Avantguard® is the first zinc-rich primer to use all three methods of anti-corrosive protection: Barrier effect, Inhibitor effect and Galvanic effect. It combines zinc, hollow glass spheres and a proprietary activator in our unique patented technology, which triples the activation of the zinc. The result is superior corrosion protection with higher durability compared to standard zinc-rich primers.

Discover Triple Activation with patented Avantguard technology.