Work smarter, not harder; Hempel’s new product estimation software is a gamechanger in the industry

With a strong customer focus, and accuracy, speed and user-friendliness as key benefits, Hempel launches our new software for fire protection planning, called HEET, making it much easier to serve structural engineers and estimators.

An abbreviation for Hempel Engineering and Estimation Technology, ‘HEET’ Dynamic software automatically performs volume calculations with 100% estimation accuracy to detail the intumescent coating required for a project.

Here are the highlights of Hempel A/S’s HEET Dynamic software:

Speed: Performs calculations up to 10 times faster than traditional methods.
Accuracy: Achieves 100% estimation accuracy for reliable and dependable results.
User-friendly: Easy to install and simple to use thanks to its intuitive interface.

Hempel Engineering and Estimation Technology ‘HEET’ Dynamic empowers users to make efficient and effective fire protection decisions quickly and easily, offering up to 10 times faster calculations, without consulting third party engineering services or PFP (passive fire protection) coating providers.
Built with the user in mind, Hempel’s HEET Dynamic software automatically performs volume calculations with 100% estimation accuracy to detail the intumescent coating required for a project. In accordance with location and design codes, calculations are based on steel profiles, fire ratings and fire testing standards.
Easy to download and simple to use, HEET Dynamic is up to date with latest industry standards, providing an innovative software that makes light work of complex situations. Using in-built calculators for automated thickness and volume calculations, HEET Dynamic features a simple copy and paste functionality to give the user full control.

Key features of HEET Dynamic

HEET Dynamic includes section factor calculations, default limiting temperatures, cellular beam calculations, a customisable user interface and project dashboard with libraries feature. These combined features deliver efficient calculation accuracy, without the need for overly complex technologies.

For advanced users, the HEET Dynamic licence can be upgraded using a feature called Structural Fire Design. The SFD upgrade allows suitably qualified engineers to flexibly calculate project specific design temperatures, leading to overall cost savings and increased productivity. In addition, the optimised PFP volume and thickness calculations require less materials and utilise best engineering practices.
Another addition available with HEET Dynamic is its BIM plug-in tool. This intelligent, modifiable tool allows users to work seamlessly alongside BIM software, creating automated calculations for 3D models and construction details. This intelligent tool also facilitates information flow both ways for real-time design and estimation.

A representative from Billington Structures Ltd, stated: “The new HEET Dynamic software is simple and intuitive to use and the SFD and BIM integration is very beneficial for our technical staff when designing various elements of our projects.