Hempel opens its new Campus

World-leading coatings company Hempel has opened its new Campus, which features a newly constructed office building and a state-of-the art R&D facility. Hempel Campus is unique in its architectural approach and is the international headquarters for the Hempel Group.

“We are very excited to move into our Hempel Campus, which is a modern, international workplace and  architecturally attractive. It is based on our vision of how we want to work together in teams and cross- functionally. Our new facilities reflect our culture and give us the perfect work environment enabling us to  deliver on our ambitious strategy and growth targets,” explains Pernille Fritz Vilhelmsen, Hempel Chief  People & Culture Officer.  
The new R&D facility will be a hub for international scientists and contribute to accelerating and strengthening our development of innovative solutions for the future. This is a key element of our new Double Impact strategy. 
Unique Hempel design
With the design of the headquarters building in 2011, a strong link between Hempel’s identity, history and physical environment was established. It was inspired by the action of stirring a new colour into the centre of a can of paint, forming a pattern known as a spiral vertex.  
“When we began the work on Hempel Campus, we decided to build on this existing concept. The spiral  motion still lies at the core of the Campus design, running from the visitors hallway, through the atrium, and reaching its fullest expression in the five storey spiral staircase in our new office building. This also reflects the shape and flow of the Hempel logo,” says Pernille Fritz Vilhelmsen. “We look forward to welcoming  customers, partners and stakeholders to Hempel Campus once the world opens up more.” 
The new office building has been designed with a focus on sustainability and will be DGNB certified (German environmental label for sustainable architecture). Solar panels have been installed on the roof and more will follow later this year and in 2022. Combined, they are expected to produce 85,000 kWh of electricity per year. 
The new Hempel Campus consists of offices, meeting rooms, laboratories and test facilities, equivalent to more than 26,000 m2 or over three and a half football pitches of space. Located just north of Copenhagen, Denmark, Hempel Campus is the daily workplace to over 350 Hempel employees. Construction of the new Campus began in 2017 and also includes an existing office building and test facility. Both are scheduled for modernisation and rebuilding during 2021. The entire Hempel Campus is expected to be finished in 2022 and has been designed by Årstidernes Arkitekter, now Sweco Architects.



Sandra Baekby-Hansen, Communication Manager
Email: sabae@hempel.com
Phone: +45 2137 2985 

About Hempel

As a world-leading supplier of trusted coating solutions, Hempel is a global company with strong values, working with customers in the decorative, marine, infrastructure and energy industries. Hempel factories, R&D centres and stock points are established in every region.

Across the globe, Hempel’s paints and coatings can be found in almost every country of the world. They protect and beautify buildings, infrastructure and other assets, and play an essential role in our customers’ businesses. They help minimise maintenance costs, improve aesthetics and increase energy efficiency.

At Hempel, our purpose is to shape a brighter future with sustainable coating solutions. We firmly believe that we will succeed as a business only if we place sustainability at our heart. Not only is it the right thing to do, it will strengthen our competitive position, make ourselves more resilient and reduce our risk.

Hempel was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1915. It is proudly owned by the Hempel Foundation, which ensures a solid economic base for the Hempel Group and supports cultural, social, humanitarian and scientific purposes around the world.