Reduce cargo hold maintenance costs with new Hempadur Ultra-Strength Fibre 47510

Our new durable cargo hold coating – Hempadur Ultra-Strength Fibre 47510 – is specifically designed to withstand the harsh conditions experienced by cargo holds, hatch covers and hatch coamings of bulk carriers. It offers customers an outstanding return on investment by delivering up to 40 per cent reduction in cargo hold maintenance costs*.

Hempadur Ultra-Strength Fibre 47510 incorporates a unique combination of superior mechanical resistance, fibre and self-toughening technology for superior corrosion protection and long major repair intervals for owners and operators.

Our innovative new coating can be applied over a wide range of temperatures (-5˚C/22˚F to +40˚C/104˚F), delivering high productivity and simplicity for shipyards and applicators. Its fast curing properties allows a rapid return to service – as short as just three days from coating to loading the first hard cargo – to minimise off-hire costs**.

Davide Ippolito, Group Project Manager, Marine, Hempel A/S says:

“We understand our customers’ needs for high performing, ultra-fast curing cargo hold coatings that deliver a fast return to service, minimise maintenance costs, reduce vessel downtime and speed up hold cleaning operations and inspection. As the shipping industry continues to face challenging market conditions, the right investment in the optimum cargo hold coating, such as Hempadur Ultra-Strength Fibre 47510, will deliver an extraordinary reduction up to 40 per cent in cargo hold maintenance costs for shipowners*.”

Hempadur Ultra-Strength Fibre 47510 exhibits superior resistance to abrasion, impact, cracking and chemical attack, combined with an easy to clean smooth surface elevating cargo protection to the next level. It builds on the technology behind Hempel’s successful class-leading Hempadur Ultra-Strength 47500 – that has protected over 6.4 million square metres of steel since its launch in 2009.

*Compared to a standard epoxy coating for cargo holds. Bulk carrier size: Panamax.
Cost simulation based on 10 years major repair interval. Country of maintenance: China

** At coating curing temperature of 25°C/77°F

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