Hempel coats innovative new luxury cruise ship Silver Muse from head to toe

Luxury cruise line owner and operator Silversea was searching for innovative coating solutions for its newbuild 40,700 GT cruise ship Silver Muse, that deliver top quality performance, fuel savings and reduced maintenance costs. Impressed with Hempel’s understanding of the highly competitive cruise industry and the increasing pressure to improve operational efficiency, Silversea’s appointed Hempel to deliver its trusted solutions.

Built at the Fincantieri shipyard in Genoa Sestri Ponente, Silver Muse was delivered and entered service on Monday 3 April. The company selected Hempel’s advanced fouling defence coating Hempaguard X7 for the hull of its new vessel as it delivers excellent protection along with a significant six per cent fuel saving compared with best-in-class antifoulings over the entire docking interval (of up to 90 months). Hempaguard’s flexibility was also a deciding factor for Silversea as cruise ships operate unique trading patterns which involve a combination of slow and fast steaming as well as regular periods alongside.

Roberto Martinoli, CEO of Silversea said:

“At Silversea we are fully committed to operating in the most efficient way and with minimal impact on the marine environment. Hempaguard not only promises to deliver impressive fuel savings which will help us contain our costs, but it will also help us to reduce CO2 emissions. We are honoured that Silver Muse was awarded the RINA GREEN PLUS voluntary notation, which is based on an environmental performance index that covers all aspects of the vessel’s impact on the environment, including carbon emissions.”

Application of the entire coating system on the hull took just four days. Other products applied to Silver Muse include Hempathane TC 55210 (a two-component glossy acrylic polyurethane coating) for the topsides and external areas, Hempadur Quattro 17634 (a two-component universal epoxy IMO PSPC compliant coating) for the ballast tanks, Hempadur 35560 (solvent-free two-component high-build polyamine adduct cured epoxy coating) for the potable water tanks and Hempadur 85671 (a two-component amine adduct cured phenolic epoxy (novolac) coating) for the grey water tanks.

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