Hempadur Avantguard 860 challenges traditional anticorrosive coatings

Our new versatile activated zinc primer– Hempadur Avantguard 860 – combines best in class corrosion protection, at the level of an inorganic zinc silicate, with the application benefits of an epoxy. The new product is now available for the oil & gas, infrastructure and wind power markets.

Specifically designed to protect steel structures in moderate to severe corrosive environments Hempadur Avantguard 860 is a two-component activated zinc rich epoxy primer that provides excellent protection, at the level of an inorganic zinc silicate, combined with the application benefits of an epoxy.

In response to general industry concerns over curing times and application properties of zinc silicates, Hempel’s new product, with a recoating interval of just one hour, offers at least four times faster drying than coating systems based on zinc silicates. Highly flexible and versatile, this new coating can be applied year-round and at temperatures down to 14˚F/-10°C, and with no restrictions on minimum relative humidity. Commenting on the new product, Oriol Osso Group Product Manager, Energy, said:

“At Hempel we constantly push ourselves to better meet the needs of our customers. Owners of assets in harsh environments demand the highest quality in corrosion protection and they also want a product that will help boost productivity. Hempadur Avantguard 860, based on Hempel’s activated zinc proprietary technology, delivers all this. We’ve further developed our ground-breaking Avantguard technology to reduce curing times and this saves time for applicators and, ultimately, for asset owners.”

Hempadur Avantguard 860 is a true challenger to inorganic zinc silicates.

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