Hempadur Mastic 45880


Hempadur Mastic 45880 is a polyamide curing, high solids epoxy paint. It forms a hard and tough coating, has good wetting properties and cures at low temperature. Complies with EU Directive 2004/42/EC, The Paints Directive on the limitation of volatile organic compounds: subcategory j.
  • Egenskaper

    Versatile, can be used for both steel and concrete. High surface tolerance. Low temperature curing.
  • Anbefalt bruk

    Hempadur Mastic 45880 is recommended as a self-primed, surface tolerant paint for steel and concrete or as an intermediate or a topcoat in systems where low VOC and high film build are required. The product can be used when extended recoating properties for polyurethane topcoats are required. It may also be used directly on zinc silicate or spray metallised surfaces. The product can be used for minor repairs in immersed areas.
  • Segmenter og påføring

    Marine/Marine new build
    Infrastructure/Civil structures
    Infrastructure/Infrastructure others
    Thermal Power/Thermal power
    Marine/Marine seastock
    Oil and Gas/Downstream
    Oil and Gas/Upstream
    Yacht Pro/Yacht Pro