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Boost your blade performance with Less

Get more blades painted in one shift 

The wind industry faces demand to increase profitability and your blades are key to meeting the challenge. Damaged or eroded blades cause poor aerodynamics which in turn leads to reduced Annual Energy Production (AEP), shorter service intervals and increased maintenance costs.
As it is expected that the offshore MW installation capacity of wind turbines will increase from 12% in 2022 to 27% in 2028*, and with blades that keep getting bigger, blade and leading edge protection becomes crucial for making wind turbine investments profitable. 
*Source: Orr & Boss | Wood Mackenzie.

Increase blade performance with Power of Less

The Hempablade range of coatings is a best-in-class full system solution for blades and LEP that delivers better protection and performance with less material, waste and work.

Straightforward, efficient application

Hempablade is more efficient to apply. Its simple 1-2 layer format reduces putty process costs by up to 30% and its easy-sanding properties improve productivity with fewer HSE concerns.   

The 2-step top coat eliminates the need for a third operator reducing the manpower cost of 30%. 

Boost turbine performance

Choosing Hempablade improves AEP and extends time between maintenance intervals while reducing associated costs and increasing overall turbine uptime.   

The coating is applied in a thin layer and is well-tapered to the blade surface, while its low DFT properties reduce the impact on the blade’s AEP performance.

The sustainable choice   

Hempabalde Putty 111 delivers a significant reduction of 75% in application waste when compared to the estimated 10-15% waste levels of other low-viscosity fillers.  

The Hempablade coating system

  • Hempablade Putty 111
    A fast-curing, solvent-free and light-weight 2-component polyurethane putty that can be used to form edge profiles and fill defects on the surface of the wind turbine’s blade prior to finishing coatings or LEP. It offers a combination of a good mechanical properties, easy application and high-build capabilities.
  • Hempablade Pore 141
    A fast-curing, solvent-free, polyaspartic-based porefiller with excellent self properties that can be used to fill pinholes in substrates.
  • Hempablade Final 151
    A high performance, fast-curing, two-component waterborne polyurethane topcoat for wind turbine blades.
  • Hempablade Edge 171
    A fast-curing top-layer designed to provide best-in-class erosion protection of the leading edge on wind turbine blades. Possibly the easiest application process for any LEP system available.

Power of Less

Benefit from our in-house Rain Erosion Test facility 

At Hempel, we have our own in-house DNV GL RP-0171 compliant RET facility. And we’ve put Hempablade Edge 171 to the test in more than 600 exhaustive test sessions and assessments. This not only ensured the optimisation of its development and the LEP validation process, but it also means you can be sure it is proven to protect against rain erosion in the toughest conditions.

These rigorous tests culminated in a product that extends the intervals between scheduled maintenance, resulting in more turbine uptime and reduced operational costs.

Your partner committed to the future of wind

We’ve been working with the wind industry since 1980. Over the years, we’ve worked with innovative OEMs to develop wind turbine coatings and application processes for the entire turbine.  

Through Power of Less, we help customers all over the world minimise material use, ensure less waste and less physical work for operators.​  

That’s how we believe that we together can make sure that wind industry becomes the leader in the race to renewable energy sources and production.